We had Brian McCarthy put together a simple but incredibly effective campaign to contact our existing estate plan client database of about 600 “client units” whose estate plans dated as far back as the early 1990s.

At this point we are six months into the campaign and only about halfway through sending out the second set of letters, and we have generated over $60,000 worth of additional revenue. We have actually had to slow down on sending out letters and in scheduling appointments.

His simple but effective ideas, combined with the discipline that he has gently but firmly imposed upon us to stay with this effort, are paying huge dividends. The fact that we have been sending a personally authored newsletter to our clients over the past 15 years certainly lent credibility to our message, but clearly those newsletters alone had not been enough to bring these clients out of the woodwork. Brian McCarthy’s campaign is what did the trick.”
STO, Estate Planning Attorney, Providence, Rhode Island, 9/25/2009

“Before hiring Brian to help me reconnect with my past clients, I wondered if it might be a wasted effort. I worried whether Brian
would be promising more than he could deliver. I was also concerned that he had not worked with lawyers outside of his local area.
It did not take long to find that Brian does not exaggerate the effectiveness of his marketing campaign. In a short time I was meeting with clients that I had been out of touch with for years, and many of them were hiring me to update their estate plans. Everyone who responded was happy to hear from us again. This has been the most cost and time effective marketing we have ever done.”
-JJV, Estate Planning Attorney, Mesa, Arizona 12/19/2013

I can say unequivocally that Brian’s work has resulted in a very positive financial gain for the firm due to his insights and persistence to get us to do our part of the marketing work even when our office is going through an extremely busy time. He is just a great guy to work with.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me. Brian would be a great addition to any company that engages his services.”
ARM Estate Planning Attorney, Providence, RI, 3/12/2014


“I am begining my fifth year using Brian McCarthy for my marketing needs. I have used several marketing providers in the past, and I feel I am a capable marketer myself.

First and foremost, I can honestly say that working with Brian is a pleasure.  He is intelligent, professional and a nice guy.  These qualities carry over, I believe, to his capabilities as a marketing consultant.

I have found that Brian’s suggestions work.  Moreover, they work in subtle ways.  I have always been protective of my professional image put forth to my clients.  Because of this, I have resisted other strategies by other marketing agencies, as I thought they were too “pushy” for me.    Brian’s strategies are professional and make good sense (for the attorney and the client).  My Phone is now constantly ringing and my clients are happy.

Another attorney introducted me to Brian, and I am happy he is now working with me.”
-MTL, Estate Planning & Elder Law, Providence, RI & New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1/6/2015


“I want to express my appreciation to you for helping us get back in touch with clients with whom we had lost contact for, literally, years.  Our letter writing campaign was your idea, you helped us get it moving, and you have been instrumental in keeping us on track.  The campaign has had positive financial results.”
-RHG, Estate Planning Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Providence Rhode Island, 5/7/2010


“We are a mid-sized firm and have worked with Brian McCarthy Marketing for around two years with the goal of increased activity in our estate planning practice.  He meets with us regularly and bring new ideas to the table each time.  We have increased our numbers significantly due to two particular campaigns we instituted that were initially proposed by Brian.

When the campaigns conclude, our activity decreases.  When we re-institute the campaigns, activity increases once again.  We can therefore directly attribute our income spikes to Brian McCarthy’s marketing plans, sensible strategies and consistent follow-up.

I would certainly recommend his services to any estate planning practice interested in growth.”
-RNS, Estate Planning Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Newport, RI,7/21/2010

“Brian has taken a very proactive approach to marketing our firm and helping us generate business from new and existing clients. Brian’s manner in working with us has always been courteous, friendly and attentive.”
-MHL, Estate Planning Attorney, Providence, RI, 3/8/2011

“Specifically, your Client Nurturing Campaign has been effective in the following ways:
1. We updated our client database.
2. We updated many existing client’s estate plan documents.
3. We generated extra income.”
-PNC, Estate Planning Attorney, Sandwich, MA, 6/30/2011

“I found Brian to be very easy to work with, a wealth of helpful information and always open to suggestion. His expertise, imaginative ideas and marketing techniques coupled with his systematic follow-through helped us keep on track, meet our deadlines and accomplish positive results.

We have Brian to thank for a successful campaign and for helping us to help our clients meet their estate planning needs.”
-MIM, Senior Paralegal, Providence, RI,

“The improved communications has rejuventaed client contact which has helped increase existing client revenues. You are consistantly offering creative ideas towards nurturing our clients and the results have been favourable. I am always impressed by your organizational skills and work ethics, coupled with your timely responses to our needs. This has made working with you a true pleasure.”
-BSR, Senior Paralegal, Providence, RI,2/23/2011


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